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It's free to join. Register now! is a website that enables its users to get compensation
for delays to their journeys. We match the delays to your journeys and let
you know which ones can be claimed for so all you have to do is print and
post the forms!

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How it works

  1. When train delays occur you can add them to our system via your PC or Mobile Phone.
  2. View and manage your claimable train delays online in an easy to use interface.
  3. Simply print off your claim and post it to the train operator's address on the claim letter.
  4. Wait for your compensation to arrive and keep it or donate it to charity, it's up to you!

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Tony593 posts
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Worst train operators 2014

First Capital Connect4 delays
South West Trains3 delays
South Eastern Trains3 delays
London Midland3 delays
Virgin Trains1 delays