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How much could you claim back?

£543,222 claimed back in the last 30 days by our users.

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Delay Repay Sniper and have merged

How does the service differ between and Delay Repay Sniper?

The service relied upon crowd sourced data which means that if a train was delayed but no one reported it then no one would find out about it. Delay Repay Sniper uses a feed from the Network Rail team to cover EVERY single passenger train across the country, some 24,000+ trains a day meaning you never miss out on the data you need to submit your claim. To find out more, read on below.

What happens now?

Your details have been transferred to the Delay Repay Sniper system including any recognised routes that you had set up. Your account has been populated with the last 28 days worth of possible claim information for those routes and you will continue to receive the next months data for free as part of your free trial of the Delay Repay Service.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of your free trial we will offer you the chance to subscribe to one of the 3 plans detailed in the packages section below. If you chose not to subscribe then no problem, your account will simply expire at the end of the free trial. If you wish to subscribe we will refund your first months fee on receipt of the second months subscription. There is no long term tie in, you enter in to a month by month subscription paying by PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Why would I pay you for the information?

The data we provide gives you all the information you need to claim for a delay or cancellation and acts as a helpful reminder to prompt you to claim and get back the money you are entitled to. Depending on the package chosen we can also submit the claims on your behalf to save you the time and hassle of claiming over and over again.

What happens if I don't claim in a given month?

For users on the Advanced and Full packages we offer the Price Promise as detailed below which means you should never be out of pocket.

Don't take our word for it…

Here are a sample of comments some of our users have sent us.

Scott Burgess

Scott - Brighton to Chichester

Although the amounts received are paltry compared to the cost of the ticket, delay repay sniper makes it easy enough and more than worth while financially to bother claiming. Totally recommend. - 23 Jul

Matthew Codling

Matthew - Plumpton to Victoria

Delay Repay Sniper are really helpful, makes it easier to remember the details of the delayed trains without search through the timetable - 22 Jul

Craig Jones

Craig - Billingshurst to Clapham Junction

Does exactly what it says on the tin. - 22 Jul

Phil Jotham

Phil - Kent to London

DRS is proving an invaluable automated assistance in dealing with claims for the woeful SouthEastern service. - 20 Jul

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Still Unsure? Check out our Price Promise

If you do not receive more back in compensation than the cost of your subscription fee (Advanced and Full services only), we will refund the difference.

This means you can NEVER be out of pocket.

We cannot say fairer than that.